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Boldenone / Boost Strength and Build Pure Muscle

Boldenone - Boost Strength and Build Pure Muscle


Introduction of Boldenone

Boldenone is a steroid derived from testosterone. Originally a veterinary drug, medical Boldenone achieved success in the human market in the 1970s and 1980s. Boldenone aromatics rate is only 50% of testosterone, and estrogen has less influence, which can increase more clean muscle dimensions. The drug peaks within 3-4 days of injection and is slowly released over the next 21 days. The biggest difference between Decadol and Boldenone is that Nandrolone has progesterone properties, while Boldenone does not. Medically used to treat muscle loss and osteoporosis. Off-season increases lean body mass, improves strength, and increases appetite. Season with maximum muscle retention, prominent blood vessels, and firm muscle – plain and simple.

Boldenone is a common and commonly used anabolic steroid. Because of its remarkable effect and mild nature, it is loved by many competitive sports players and bodybuilders. The application of Boldenone in the field of bodybuilding does not need to be repeated. What is not known is that Boldenone is widely used in professional baseball, mixed martial arts and rugby league. Even in the major international football leagues, the athletes love Boldenone. The reason why Boldenone can get so much love from players is that it can bring users a huge increase in strength and pure muscle growth. At the same time, edema and fat gain did not occur. Depending on the purpose, users can combine Boldenone with other drugs to receive more significant and desirable effects.


The effect of Boldenone

It can improve the efficiency of protein synthesis. This means better utilization of protein, which is conducive to the growth of muscle dimensions.

It can improve nitrogen retention rate. This suggests that muscle is less likely to be lost, keeping the body in a nitrogen-positive, anabolic environment that is stable.

It increases the number of red blood cells in the blood. This suggests that more oxygen in the blood is beneficial for muscle endurance and muscle recovery.

It increases insulin growth factor growth. This is a potent anabolic product, anabolic function boosting stimulates muscle recovery and can affect cells.

It inhibits the cortisol hormone. This hormone destroys muscle while storing fat, breaking down muscle.


Usage of Boldenone

Off-season: Boldenone is a tolerated steroid that enhances the anabolic environment in a safe manner. It can lead to lean body mass gain. Although not as fast as other effects, it does not cause serious water storage. (So not raising blood pressure) Boldenone also increases appetite, most notably strength. Many people use this in non-season to increase strength and dimension, and the user's recovery ability will also come up.

Season: It does a fat-reducing drug with an excellent effect on muscle retention. When you are low in calories and low in carbs, you lose a lot of muscle. Boldenone can preserve muscle well. In fat loss, Boldenone is basically used in the early stage. Stop using it halfway through the season. This is to avoid water storage edema caused by estrogenic side effects. At the same time, it can also ensure that the strength will not be lost during the season, making the blood vessels more prominent and the muscles more compact.


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