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Halotestin Fluoxymesterone 10mg


Halotestin is a good choice for some athletes, which will largely increase their strength. But for bodybuilders, its role is not very effective. Halotestin has certain side effects. Usually, taking the minimum dose.


Halotestin is also known as Fluoxymesteron. It is a derivative of testosterone. It is an effective oral medicine in the steroid market and has a strong androgen properties.


This type of steroid is very effective for men, and fortunately it cannot produce estrogen. There will be no side effects of estrogen, such as excessive water retaining and increasing breasts. But it will cause the side effects of hair loss and acne. Considering the impact of androgen, taking Halotestin, aggression will increase, which will also make the athlete's training more effective. And female athletes should stay away from this product because the impact of androgen may be irreversible.


The effect of Halotestin is to increase the quality of the muscle, but it cannot increase the dimensions and quantity of the muscle. And it will not increase weight, which is an effective way for athletes to maintain a prescribed weight.

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