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Description Cytomel (T3):

Cytomel is also called T3, usually 50mcg/tab, the best oral.

It is neither synthetic metabolic steroid nor SARM, but a substance that is naturally formed in the body, similar to thyroid hormones. This product is very popular by athletes and bodybuilders. It can burn fat and accelerate fat destruction by increasing the speed of metabolism, but it cannot be used as a weight loss product, but is more helpful for metabolism.

When it comes to T3, I have to say that T4 is very similar, but the effect of T3 is more effective, and it is widely circulated in the market.

Benefits Cytomel (T3):

If you are confused about weight loss, Cytomel T3 can help you improve the metabolic level of the new city and effectively reduce fat to reduce weight

In terms of weight loss, Cytomel T3 has enhanced thyroid function, increases T3 hormones through the treatment of thyroid gland, and then matches reasonable diet and physical exercise. This is about a good start of weight loss. Cytomel T3 can accelerate the burning of fat, which requires more energy and may cause your muscle consumption. This needs attention. If you need to burn fat, lose weight, and want to keep muscles, then use some steroids to use the best.

Dosage of weight loss: Generally starting from 25mcg per day, the general population will choose a dose/day of 50-100mcg, but do not exceed 100mcg. Select the dose according to your own situation to avoid side effects.

Cytomel (T3) DOSAGE:

If you are a beginner, you can follow the following cycle:

Week 1-2: 25mcg per day

Week 3-7: 37.5-75mcg is okay, an increase of 12.5-25mcg per day

Week 8-10: You can return the dose to 25mcg

If you are a user of steroids, you can use other steroids at the same time to assist the cooperation to maintain the number and quality of the muscles, such as Trenbolone.

Cytomel (T3): 75mcg to 100mcg (1-8 weeks) per day

Test EnantHate: 300 mg per week (12 weeks)

Trenbolone EnantHate: 400 mg (12 weeks) per week

Cytomel (T3) side effects:

Excessive use of any product may lead to side effects, and common possibilities include: headache, heartbeat changes, sweating, anxiety, etc.

When using Cytomel (T3), excessive consumption of calories and muscles may become drowsiness and fatigue.

Cytomel (T3) is not directly burning fat, but to achieve the goal by increasing the speed of metabolism. When using, you need to cooperate with a healthy diet and reasonable aerobic exercise.

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