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Peptide | repair cells, link DNA and restore chromosomes of life origin

18 Functions of Peptides

1. Peptides can reverse youth, make people young, beautiful and lose weight.


2. Peptides can be directly absorbed by gastrointestinal parietal cells, activate gastrointestinal function, promote the secretion of digestive enzymes, improve appetite, and regulate chronic gastrointestinal diseases.


3. Peptide, function on circulatory system: reduce blood viscosity, clear low-density lipoprotein, prevent arteriosclerosis, enhance the elasticity of myocardium and blood vessels, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


4. Peptide, function on respiratory system: activate lung cells, correct the gas blood barrier, remove lung toxins, prevent and regulate pulmonary diseases such as emphysema and insufficient oxygen supply.


5. Peptide, the role of bone system: promote the generation of a lot of osteoblasts, inhibit osteoclasts, regulate osteoporosis, femoral head necrosis, arthritis and diseases caused by calcium deficiency.


6. Peptide, function on nervous system: activate nervous system function, promote the generation of dendrites in brain cells, reverse brain atrophy, and enhance deep sleep. Prevent and regulate memory loss, nervous headache, neurasthenia, Alzheimer's disease, etc.


7. Function of peptide on endocrine system: reverse the degradation of endocrine organs, promote the normal secretion of hormones and various enzymes, increase the development of kidney function and sexual organs, prevent endocrine diseases such as diabetes.


8. Peptides, function on the immune system: stimulate the regeneration of thymus, accelerate the generation of lymphoid T cells, B cells and NK cells, enhance the ability of phagocytes to phagocytize viral bacteria and cancer cells, improve the immune function, and prevent tumors and cancers.


9. Peptides, function on reproductive system: stimulate the secretion of sex hormones, strengthen the muscle tissue of sexual organs, strengthen the nerve endurance of sexual organs, and activate the development of sexual organs and tissues.


10. Peptides can make cancer patients recover, and many patients can even recover without chemotherapy.


11. Peptide has a magical effect on diabetes. Taking it for a period of time can get rid of the trouble of insulin.


12. Peptides have magical effects on the rehabilitation of prostate patients. Many patients suffering from prostate problems do not need to wear pads to recover.


13. Peptides have magical effects on heart disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and can make many patients with hemiplegia live independently.


14. Peptides can make patients with rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, bone and joint diseases recover.


15. Peptides can obviously improve liver diseases caused by various reasons.


16. Peptide can repair the finest visual nerve of human body, repair and activate the atrophy of cerebellum, and improve the memory function of hippocampus.





Absorption mechanism and characteristics of peptides

1. Direct absorption without digestion.

Peptides synthesized by the human body are obtained from the enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins by the human body. Some are decomposed into small peptides, some are decomposed into amino acid residues, and some are decomposed into free amino acids. Small peptides are finally absorbed through the small intestine and then circulated through human cells, tissues, organs, and blood). However, the surface of the small peptide synthesized in vitro has a protective film, which will not be subject to the secondary hydrolysis of various human enzymes and acid-base substances after being taken by the human body. Like the peptide synthesized by the human body, it directly enters the small intestine, is absorbed by the small intestine, enters the human circulatory system, and performs its biological functions.


2. Fast absorption Complete absorption

The artificial peptide synthesized in vitro enters the human body by oral administration 70% faster than amino acids. It quickly passes through the mouth and stomach of the human body, enters the small intestine directly, and is absorbed by the small intestine. Finally, it enters the human blood circulation system, organs and cell tissues, and is fully absorbed and utilized by the human body, rapidly exerting its physiological and biological functions. The absorption rate of peptide is synchronous with that of infusion, which is beyond the reach of other nutrients!


3. Actively and preferentially absorbed by human body

Peptides have the characteristics of active absorption or forced absorption. This is of great significance to those who have poor digestive ability, lack of nutrition and are weak.


4. Peptides do not consume human energy

No need to increase the burden of digestive tract, especially gastrointestinal function.


5. Peptides play the role of carrier and messenger in human body

Nutrients eaten by ordinary people, especially trace elements beneficial to human body such as calcium, can be absorbed, pasted and loaded on the body. It is sent to various cells, organs and tissues of the human body to be absorbed and utilized together with the body. As a messenger of neurotransmitter to transmit information, it commands nerves, plays its own role, and maintains the team spirit and overall effect of human nerves.


In a word, the absorption mechanism of polypeptide is quite different from that of other substances, which can be said to be unique. The absorption mechanism of polypeptides is superior to all substances, which is of great significance to human physiological health.



Main Biological Functions of Peptides

It can be roughly summarized in four words as:

Inhibition - inhibit cell degeneration and enhance human immunity.

Activation - Activates cell activity and effectively eliminates free radicals harmful to human body.

Repair - repair human degenerative cells and improve cell metabolism.

Promote - promote and maintain the normal metabolism of cells.


Who needs peptide supplements

Peptides are indispensable to everyone, and people with the following symptoms should need peptide supplements:

1. Patients who take medicine for a long time but are difficult to absorb and have no effect.


2. People who are physically deficient and do not know how to make up.


3. It belongs to the cell tissue destroyer, and the general drug loses its effect.


4. Patients with diseases belonging to the secretory system, endocrine system and nervous system.


5. People with poor immunity.


6. Digestive system, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, diabetes.


7. People with microcirculation disorder.


8. Sexual development and physical dysplasia.


9. Fracture and burn.


10. Patients with rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis.


11. People with intestinal dysfunction


Is it safe to buy peptide tablets online?

Taking peptide purchased online or on the street can cause serious and unexpected complications. These purported "identical" drugs may be fake and may contain harmful ingredients.

It is safe to buy peptide online from trusted and regulated sites like Hormonesale. Our doctors will only prescribe peptide if it is safe for you to take, and we guarantee that it is the real medicine.

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