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Sex steroid hormone | common basic drugs in clinical medicine and have a very critical value in medical use


Sex steroid hormones, also known as hormonal drugs, are common basic drugs in clinical medicine and have a very critical value in medical use. Hormonal drugs can be divided into two types, estrogens and corticosteroids, according to their medicinal value. Sex steroid hormones are widely used in clinical medicine, and have well-established effects in maintaining life, hormone regulation, and treatment of skin diseases. The mechanism of action of Sex steroid hormone is based on the theory of gene expression, which can enter into target cells according to the medium, and then fuse with protein kinases to produce nitric oxide synthase, which has the ability to pass through the nuclear membrane.


1. Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic: A variety of Sex steroid hormones have excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties, such as natural cortisone and hydrocortisone are widely used anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic drugs.

On the basis of the cortisone structure, through structural modification and screening, a series of anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic drugs with better effects and lower side effects were synthesized. For example, synthetic prednisone has a double bond between the first and second carbon atoms, which is 3 to 5 times stronger than hydrocortisone and is mainly used to treat asthma. The other is fluocinolone acetate, its anti-inflammatory activity is dozens of times that of hydrocortisone, and it is good medicine for treating various inflammations and psoriasis.

2. Treatment of male or female diseases and contraception: Sex hormones are commonly used in the treatment of male or female diseases. For example, estradiol and progesterone can be used to treat menstrual disorders in women, as well as women's menopausal diseases. Progesterone also has a tocolytic effect, which enables the pregnancy process to proceed normally.

In women, injectable or oral estradiol or progesterone, or a combination of the two can be used as contraception. New contraceptives with good performance have been synthesized by chemically modifying the structure of sex hormones. At present, the contraceptives used clinically are mainly norethisterone and 17-Ethinyl estradiol, and the contraceptive success rate is more than 99%. The principle is to inhibit the secretion of pituitary gonadotropin to ovulate and make the endometrium suitable for fertilization and fetal implantation. The synthetic long-acting contraceptive Ethinyl estradiol is absorbed by adipose tissue and metabolized into Ethinyl estradiol, and then slowly released, so as to achieve the purpose of long-acting contraception.

3. Improve metabolic function: Many Sex steroid hormones have a good function of regulating sugar metabolism and water and salt metabolism. In particular, some synthetic Sex steroid hormones have more significant effects. This hormone can promote the body's hematopoietic function, and increase hemoglobin, thereby speeding up the circulation of oxygen and CO2, and enhancing physical strength. It also promotes bone formation and makes the body more muscular. Therefore, it is an effective drug for the treatment of chronic wasting diseases, severe illness, and recovery after surgery. Because this hormone can make people get more than normal explosive power and stamina in a short time, it is abused by some athletes to improve sports performance. In recent years, international sports organizations have implemented strict drug checks to tackle the growing problem of illicit drug use.

Although Sex steroid hormone drugs have a good curative effect long-term use will cause serious harm to human health, especially the damage to the husband's liver is more significant, and there will be masculinity in women. Therefore, steroids should be used under the guidance of a doctor.


The medicinal value of Sex steroid hormone, Sex steroid hormone belongs to fat-soluble growth hormones, which are cyclopentane poly hydro phenanthrene compounds, which can be divided into two types: corticosteroids and estrogens, and adrenal hormones are also divided into adrenal growth hormones and estrogens. The role of adrenal hormones is mainly to adjust glycolysis and water and salt metabolism. Adrenal growth hormone can inhibit the oxidation of sugar in the air, thereby promoting the increase of blood sugar levels, and can also promote the conversion of protein into sugar. It can be used in clinical medicine for anti-infection and allergy. Estrogens include male hormones and female hormones, and male hormones are critical to the growth, development, and maintenance of male reproductive organs, and estrogen is the same.


Blood sugar levels, blood cell counts, guaiac fecal occult blood, and blood pressure need to be checked regularly. Contraindicated in diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy, and psychiatric disorders. The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis is suppressed in patients receiving long-term hormone therapy, and glucocorticoid supplementation is required during surgery and other body stresses. Repeated intra-articular or periarticular steroid injections may damage the cartilage and surrounding soft tissue. Patients on long-term hormone use need to prevent osteoporosis.

Topical hormones can be absorbed into the body. Long-term use, especially the stronger dosage forms, can inhibit the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.

Side Effects

Long-term or high-dose use is often associated with many potential adverse reactions. Skin side effects include acne, hirsutism, stretch marks, purpura, thinning of the skin, and non-healing wounds. Osteoporosis, myopathy, and osteonecrosis may also occur. Gastrointestinal side effects include bleeding from ulcers, perforation, and especially concomitant use of NSAIDs. Hypertension and edema are common due to water retention. Central nervous system adverse reactions include steroid psychosis and benign intracranial pressure elevation. Cataracts and glaucoma develop. A developmental arrest occurs due to amenorrhea, impotence, and suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. There may be glucose intolerance, hyperosmolar nonketotic coma, and central obesity. Bacterial, fungal, microbial, and viral infections are prone to occur. Intra-articular steroid injections can cause crystal-mediated transient synovitis. NSAIDs, rest, and cold compresses can relieve synovitis symptoms. Persistent synovitis beyond 24 hours of onset may predispose to infection during paracentesis. Topical steroids, especially fluoride, can cause skin telangiectasia, striae atrophy, epidermal and dermal atrophy, rosacea, acne, senile purpura, etc. If an occlusive dressing is used, infection, folliculitis, and reduced heat exchange can occur.

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