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Toad poison | a white, sticky poison produced by the poison gland of the toad


Toad poison is a white, sticky poison produced by the poison gland of the toad (Bufo vulgaris). It is a component of toad venom in Chinese medicine and has been used as a tonic for treating chronic heart disease. Toad poison is a defensive toxin secreted from the skin gland of toad and has similar effects to foxglove toxin. Bufo toxin is a derivative of bufo aldoxide, usually in the form of an ester.


Efficacy and Function

1Toad venom after processing, can be made into toad shortcake or a variety of toad poison injection, in medicine is very important. It has a strong heart, excitement, pain relief, anti-toxin scattered swelling and the function of the orifice, treating all kinds of malignant boils, stomach pain, back pain, sore throat, chronic heart weakness and bronchitis.

2. Toad poison can also be used to treat swine panting disease and chronic respiratory infections in chickens and other diseases.

3. Dried toad made from dried toad after removing viscera is also a good medicinal material, which can treat infantile malnutrition, infantile tuberculosis fever abdominal distension, diarrhea and external treatment of evil sores, and has a good effect.

4. The venom of toad generally has medicinal effect and can be used to treat some human swelling and poisoning. When carbuncle pain, sore throat and other symptoms, can be treated with toad, can play a role in detoxification and dissipation.

5Toad can also treat edema, dysuria and ascites and other common diseases, with diuretic effect, can eliminate edema, can eliminate parasites in the body, can be used to treat various parasitic diseases, and can play a insecticidal role.

6Toad can also be used to treat chronic liver disease and prevent cancer, some high-risk cancer has a greater auxiliary role.


Clinical application:

This drug can be used in clinical treatment of the following diseases:

1. It can be used to treat diseases like tuberculosis, tuberculosis, scrofula, sore throat, toothache, etc. This medicine has good detoxification detumescence, anesthesia and analgesic effect. When using, for ulcer and evil ulcer, can be combined with musk, cinnabar and so on. For sore throat, and carbuncle, can be used together with bezoar, borneol. For toothache, you can apply this medicine to the affected area. In addition, it can also be used for mucosal anesthesia in the operation of the department of the five senses. It can be used together with the Sichuan Aconitum, the south star and the Pinellia pinellia.

2. This medicine can be used to treat Sha distension abdominal pain, god faint vomiting and diarrhea. 

3. This medicine has the effect of defilement turbidity, awakening the mind. When used, for fever, distension, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, fainting caused by summer dampness or unclean diet, it can be used together with musk, clove, realgar, etc


Can Toad Poison Control cancer?

Toad venom contains a Chinese medicine, toad venom, which is widely used in the treatment of malignant tumors, and is currently used as an adjuvant drug for anti-tumor.

Toad venom generally exist in the toad's on, the back skin of the vesicles, toad is important defensive measures, as a traditional Chinese medicinal materials, the evaluation of its efficacy, the toxic effects of strong antitumor, modern medicine research indicates that toad venom has certain cytotoxic effect, induce apoptosis and inhibit tumor cell proliferation effect, because of this, Toad poison is widely used in antitumor therapy.

However, toad poison is also toxic in the course of use. It must be prescribed by a clinician and used under the supervision of a doctor.


Points for attention:

1Pay attention to contact toad venom should be immediately washed with water, do not scratch. It is recommended to the hospital dermatology department for treatment, or under the guidance of the doctor oral polmin and other anti-allergic drugs for treatment.

2. Toad poison is also toxic in the process of use. It must be prescribed by a clinician and used under the supervision of a doctor.


First aid measures for toad poisoning

1. After poisoning, emetic method should be used to discharge the poison as soon as possible, and the throat should be stimulated with chopsticks, spoon handle or finger, and the stomach should be lavage repeatedly by drinking a large amount of water or light saline. But can not use oil laxative catharsis, conditions can be used magnesium sulfate catharsis.

2 Injection of atropine 0.5-10 mg, if no improvement can be repeated injection 2-3 hours.

3. Drink strong tea or sugar syrup and take a large amount of vitamin B1 and vitamin C to replenish the hydration deficiency and accelerate detoxification.

4. licorice or red bean, mung bean soup taken internally, can also play a role in detoxification.

5. If toad venom enters the eye to cause eye swelling or even blindness can be used purple grass juice, coptis juice or saline point eye flushing.

6. In addition to the above first aid measures, if the symptoms are serious, call emergency number as soon as possible or send to the hospital for emergency treatment.


The symptoms of toad poisoning


The parotid and skin glands of toads secrete toxins. Poisoning can be caused by ingestion of cooked toads (especially the head and skin) by excessive use of toad preparations or by contamination of wounds with their venom. The main components of toad poison bufo didiluol compounds (including bufo toxin and bufo ligand) act like digitalin to excite the vagus nerve, directly affecting the heart muscle and causing arrhythmias. 

In addition, it has the effect of stimulating the gastrointestinal tract, anticonvulsant and local anesthesia. Sichuan tea phenolic amines have the effect of constricting blood vessels and pressor. Indole alkyl compounds can cause hallucinations and have similar nicotinoid effects on peripheral nerves.


Clinical signs and symptoms

The incubation period is 0.5-1 hours. The main symptoms are digestive system: severe nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, ascites, shock; respiratory and circulatory system: chest tightness, palpitation, cyanosis, arrhythmia; ECG may show the ST and T changes and conduction block of digitalis intoxication. In severe cases, it can lead to A-Z syndrome, respiratory and circulatory failure, nervous system dizziness, headache, lethargy, sweating, numbness of mouth, lips and limbs, convulsions. When buevin enters the eye, it can cause redness and even blindness. Occasionally exfoliative dermatitis.



Accidental ingestion of toad or excessive ingestion of Chinese medicine containing toad venom. Toad poisoning should be considered in the presence of the above symptoms.



Exclusion of toxicants according to the general principles of poisoning treatment Symptomatic treatment symptoms similar to digitalis poisoning oral or intravenous infusion of diluted potassium chloride block atropine is available. Refill the fluid and stop the panic. Respiratory and circulatory failure should be treated accordingly. If the eye is stained with toad poison, use purple grass juice to drop the eye or rinse.


Modern significance

Acrroding to the research of Modern pharmacological, this drug has strong heart, anti-myocardial ischemia, anti-coagulation, anti-shock, pressor, EXCITatory cerebral cortex, excitatory respiratory center, cough, anti-fatigue, increase immunity, excitatory bowel, excitatory uterine smooth muscle and other effects. Modern application of this drug can be used to treat suppurative infection, neurodermatitis, acute pharyngitis, lymph node tuberculosis, lymphadenitis, acute and chronic pulpitis, aplastic anemia, liver cancer and other diseases.


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