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Superdrol Methasterone 10mg

Methasterone, known as Superdrol or Methyldrostanolone in the market, is known as a widely used steroid that can be used orally. This method is convenient and safer.

Superdrol attracts a large number of athletes. It can increase human muscle mass, reduce excess fat, and maximize preservation of useful lean muscles. Because it can increase personal strength, it can improve the athlete's movement level and increase explosive power.

Like other steroids, Superdrol benefits:

1. Increase protein synthesis ability, promote the speed of synthetic metabolism, and restore the body.

2. Increasing nitrogen retention can save muscle weight.

3. The number of red blood cells increases, red blood cells are responsible for oxygen transportation, and hypertrophic oxygen can strengthen the body's durability and recovery ability.

4. Increase output, which can improve the healing speed of the body

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